Personal Auctioneer

We understand that each art and antique dealer has his own missions, objectives and their own way of working. What we always want is reach success with you in this new venue and we must understand every single perspective to offer to your potential buyers the best experience possible. Your personal auctioneer will study your items, learn about the categories your items are presented and and even answer most questions sent by visitors to your inventory.

Your personal auctioneer will be the one running your auctions at the end date of  live auctions and entice buyers, during the auction and absentee bids time frame, to reach the amount provided by you for each item protecting the bids and promoting your items the best way possible.

All details regarding your business like payment methods, returning options, terms and agreements, taxes for buyers, shipping prices, packing, handling time and additional information regarding your items will be considered by your personal auctioneer that will always do his best to provide the best sale experience to you and your potential buyers.

He will also work directly with our tailored advertising team and examine the best options always aiming for the rise of sales in your business category and your auctions.

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