Tailored Advertising

We have a specialized team assembled to provide the best possible results in the antique and art segment. At Les Antiquites Maison we will prepare a strategy only for your company and  drive segmented traffic directly to your items providing a significant rise in the number of buyers, bidder and people interested in your items.

Here are a few services we will provide:

- Determining Keywords and Adwords Advertising Pointing to Your Items

- Banners in Segmented Websites

- Signature Auctions

- Selection of Best Auction and Retail Websites for Your Business

- Full Results Report

- Newsletter to 200,000+ Bidders and Buyers selected by categories

The best of all if that we will not charge you for this services directly, you will provide your price on each item and we will add a small margin on top of it that will usually vary between 13% – 17% just like a buyer’s premium and that will cover advertisement for your items and provide our profit. We can do that because we work with some selected auction houses and the websites we advertise on will offer special discount based on bigger advertising packages. You can also keep selling those same items through your traditional venues.

Note that we will not offer all advertising services fully working in the beginning, we need to grow your business and use the margin provided by the profit to spend on the advertising in our network.


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