We will not charge you monthly fees or even a commission, know more about how our business relationship would work:

Here is how we work  in order to offer you and ourselves a profitable opportunity, you set the price you want for your item and we will only charge a buyer’s premium from the buyer (not you) and they will send it directly to you after a sale is made so you can redirect it to us after you confirm that the item was delivered and accepted.  This buyer’s premium will usually vary between 13% – 17% to cover advertisement for your items and provide our profit, this is not exactly a commission because it is added on top of your final price. That is why we choose wisely which auction house we would like to represent, simply because if we are not sure about the success of overall sales we will loose our efforts. An extensive research is made before we accept a new auction house on this terms. If we receive an offer lower than the amount you offered we will contact you and confirm if that would be acceptable or not.

Know more about commissions here.