Greater Overall Product Exposure

You will experience World Wide Exposure for your inventory items. Les Antiquites Maison aggregates bidders from a variety of selected reputable online retails and auction websites including emails to Les Antiquites Maison’s 200,000+ bidders and buyers (and increasing everyday). Click here to know more about our distribution network.

Our online live auction associates will show your items to approximately 21,000,000 Active bidders and average of 30,000,000 visitors a month altogether. We will also advertise your items in special banners in websites presented in our list of partner websites. Verify that all websites we advertise in experience oustanding reputation and can rest assured that your items will be shown where they are valued.

What to expect in the first stage:

  • •average 25% increase in sales
  • •30,000-45000,000 visits to each auction catalog
  • •average 450 new registered bidders for each auction

If the first stage proves effective we can advance to a new stage:

Second stage exposure:

  • •All presented in stage 1
  • •Adwords campaigns tailored for your items and niche
  • •eBay featured and highlighted items
  • •Featured signatured auctions
  • •Professionaly designed bannners only for your catalog presented in even better spots at our distribution network

Features presented in this stage always have out of the charts results for sellers and will double the selling experience presented in the first stage.

Learn more about how we sell your items by clicking here.

Learn more about our distribution network by clicking here.

Note that to be able to advertise using our services you will need the approval of our team first, please send email to and we will send a form where you can inform us more about your business.